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"Working with Brittni was a game changer for me. Her approach helped me heal my relationship with food, eat more, fuel my workouts better, have more variety, not be fearful of carbs and overall give my body what it needs to feel good and look good. Her workout routines are always on point to what I want to focus on and produce results and ate enjoyable as well. One of the best things about Brittni is the attention she gives her clients which shows through her responsiveness."

"Signing up with Brittni was hands down the best decision I have ever made! After taking almost 2 years off tracking and following any sort of program I was feeling stuck and not seeing the progress I wanted. While Brittni has helped me reach my physical goals (in such a healthy way that I never imagined possible!), she has also helped me find balance with my mindset towards food. These are two things I've been trying to attain for years and I couldn't have done it without her! She is by far the best coach I've worked with in my 10 years of training."

"The fact that I actually feel supported by you and that and that you don’t sell cookie cutter plans! I love that you don’t push loads and loads of cardio and your approach is a healthy one! I also really love your transparency as a coach. That you aren’t afraid to put it out there that you went off your “plan,” and you show us that it is possible to hop right back on it after an off day. That you are “normal” just like us."

"I also think that trust plays a big roll. I feel like I have 100% trust in you. You have several long term clients, myself included, that come back plan after plan. I used the 6 week macro plan for a little over a year solid, took a break due to life happening and moving to another state, but then came right back to you using the B Together plan with my significant other. I could have easily found another coach out of the thousands that are out there now, but I have that trust in you and have the confidence that you 100% know your stuff!

And... last but not least.... you are absolutely affordable!

I’ve been following you since around 2013 I think, you were one of the first “fitness accounts” I followed and my only regret was that I didn’t start with you sooner! ❤️❤️❤️"

"The flexibility you offer to match different events and times in our individual lives. This makes staying on track more attainable. You are genuine, and that goes a long way."

"You’re genuine and make plans based on goals. Like you actually listen and don’t just make a plan based on the workouts that you know. It’s not cookie cutter."

"You tell it how it is but you’re also gentle and understanding. You push us though... you are vested in your girls at least that’s my impression. I’ve done 2 12 week plans and have been super happy and encouraged.You’re flexible with the many plans that you offer there’s a way for everyone. Also you don’t sell us on products or diets... gosh I love that! Finally you’re transparent and I don’t feel like you don’t practice what you preach. "

"You are very supportive and create fun and sustainable plans that actually get results. You are very responsive to questions, genuine and relatable!"

"You are 100% real and relatable. All the time. And you push BALANCE and HEALTH vs just losing weight/being skinny/being lean. Nothing about your plans is cookie cutter. You’re responsive. You believe in your people. Your passion for life and fitness is contagious. Love you lady!"

"You are very supportive and positive! You always make me feel like I'm awesome!"

"I like the fast response time to questions and concerns as well as the variety in plans that are made to help reach individual goals"

"Your honesty, you show that you are a real person, your responsiveness, custom plans that show you listen to what I want and need AND you never fail to kick my ass ;-)"

"No judgement, just professional guidance and unconditional support 💪🏻"


"That you are overly caring and prompt. I also like the variety you offer. 😎"

"I followed you, along with many others for a few years before getting the courage- yep that’s what I needed- courage to contact you. I chose you out of millions of other because of the vibe you send out. Your first message back was super prompt and made me excited to start immediately. With the plan made for me, I started seeing results right away that were so motivating, along with your encouragement. I love the days I do great with my plan, but also not great because I know I can honestly tell you that I messed up and ate the pantry. You are right there to say it happens, now get back on it! The response time is amazing whether I am telling you I love your sunglasses or asking a question about HITT. Overall, I feel that you are a true supporter of any woman who is ready for some help and guidance."

"Your honesty, transparency, and authenticity separate you from the pack of other “coaches”. Your timeliness and attention to detail are also superior to others. You truly care about your clients and you care about balance and health. You also show your own struggles and that no one is perfect. You also are legitimately educated and you continue to set goals and develop yourself further. You are a honest and ethical individual with a solid moral compass."

"the balance and the way you work with the client to fit the program to their wants and needs, you listen....your realness and tough love if needed..the results you get with your clients without having to be starved or live in the gym.......awesome workouts...your responsiveness...thoroughness in the information you send....your in depth check ins eval all the variables...sleep stress...water etc...the way you help girls have a better relationship with food and more self love.....happiest I have been in my own skin working with you...I have worked with several online trainers and in person...never had one like you...the total package! I have been following you and your journey for along time...happy to be part of bshae team!"

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