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Weight &
Fat loss

Strength & Muscle gain

Health & Longevity

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Feel good

With over 600 clients since 2014,
Team BShaeFit has been successful in customizing programs to help reach goals for weight loss, fat loss, muscle strength, and health management. Clients express how good they feel each week with improved energy and how they feel in clothing. 

About Our Programs

B Well

A wellness program focused on both nutrition and exercise.

Available length options:

- 4 or 12 Weeks

- Monthly Subscription

B Nutritious

A wellness program focused on nutrition. 

Available length options:

 - One Time Consults

- 6 Weeks

- Monthly Subscription 

B Fit

Workout programs ONLY

-Monthly Workout Subscription - JUST $29.95! *

- Customized Workout Only Plans

- Pre-made Workout Plans

B Together

A full 12 week couples program focused on nutrition, exercise, and building your relationship through pillars!

This is coached by Brittni & Justin!

The objective for Team BShaeFit is to provide affordable, quality programs, that are ALWAYS customized to EACH client.

Every person deserves a customized approach to reach their goals!

The B Fit Monthly Workout Subscription

4-5 days Lifting Frequency with Cardio Options - Home and Gym options available!
Automatic Withdrawal payment every 4 Weeks

Does not include customized modifications, check-ins, Nutrition, or an App
Visit "B Fit" in the main menu for more details OR, lets get to it!

Want to add a custom nutrition consult?

Add it here for just a one time fee of $40.00

Virtual Coaching

All contact is via e-mail and completed one-to-one with your coach, Brittni or Justin.

When applicable - Check-ins are weekly on a designated day Monday-Friday.

Brittni coaches the women, while Justin coaches the men!

Individual Approach

All customized one-to-one programs are always tailored to the client's needs and goals. While some prefer a more rigid approach, others may not. The approach taken is monitored throughout the weekly check ins.

Fast Response

All clients receive a response within 12 hours from a check in e-mail, most of the time. 

Access to private Team BShaeFit Facebook page (over 600 members) is included with any purchase.

Current ACTIVE  1:1 B Well, B Nutritious, or B Together clients have access to the private Team BShaeFit community in the mobile app "Viber" for more direct conversations with the coach and other clients.


All payments are completed safely with PayPal.

Automatic withdrawal options available.

All paperwork must be sent within 7 days of purchase.

After 15 days from purchase:
There will be no refunds or plans completed by the coach if the client did not send the information packet.

There are no refunds after a plan has been received. 

Multiple Options

Team Bshaefit has:
- Workout only options
- Nutrition only options
- Combination of workouts & nutrition

Plan options cover the range from weekly check-ins via e-mail or one time ordering. 


Master’s of science in Occupational Therapy, licensed and active

Certified Health Coach

Certified ACE Nutrition Specialist

Ergonomic Specialist (in process)

Pre and Post Natal Specialist

CPR/First aid

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