I coach BUSY WOMEN to break plateaus!

Tired of programs that DON'T WORK?
I work directly ONE to ONE with you to problem solve and create a PLAN that WORKS!

Weight &
Fat loss

Strength & Muscle gain

Women's Health

Look good,
Feel good

I get it - you have tried low carb, fasting, generic systems, detoxes, short term "challenges"
You do HOURS of cardio, you can't seem to get toned or build the body of your dreams

& NOTHING works

You gain it all back
You get upset
You feel like you have wasted your time and money
You feel like a failure
You are tired of how you feel...
You think, hey, this is probably like any other program I have used before.

What if I told you that I help EVERY WOMAN break that plateau that they have been in?

While working together I help PROBLEM SOLVE with you EACH week where the issue is, how we can fix it, and change the plan RIGHT THEN.

It's a lot less scary isn't it?

Hey, I am here for you. I share my LIFE DAILY on instagram and PROVE to you that CONSISTENCY and HABITS = RESULTS.

I am ALSO a BUSY woman and KNOW EXACTLY how it is to to balance it all, YET STILL, I WANT TO FEEL

 I began my journey in 2010 and I want you to feel how I feel. I want you to FEEL GOOD, empowered, strong, confident, and GOAL ORIENTED.


Lets take the first step together!

With over 700 clients since 2014,
Team BShaeFit has been successful in customizing programs FOR WOMEN to help reach goals for weight loss, fat loss, muscle strength, pre/post natal, and health management.
Clients express how good they feel each week with improved energy and how they feel in clothing. 

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About Your Coach Brittni

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All payments are completed safely with PayPal.

Automatic withdrawal options available.

All paperwork must be sent within 7 days of purchase.

After 15 days from purchase:
There will be no refunds or plans completed by the coach if the client did not send the information packet.

There are no refunds after a plan has been received. 

Quick Response

I don't know about you, but I despise waiting for something I have asked about, paid for, or committed to! 

That is why I rank response time HIGHLY in my business! 

Communication is KEY and without it, we cannot succeed OR get what we want and need! 


Certified Health Coach by United States Health Foundation since 2019

Certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) Nutrition Specialist since 2019

Certified Office Ergonomic Specialist

Pre and Post Natal Specialist

CPR/First aid

I believe Women should have the opportunity to learn what a healthy lifestyle should entail. I am fully committed to my clients' journey.

Established 2014