B Fit

Monthly Workout Subscription

This program is offered at a lower cost than my custom one-to-one B Well or B Fit workout plans to enable more women to enjoy the benefits of my online training!

This option is currently for BOTH the home (up to 3 months) and now available for BACK IN THE GYM.

Please let me know when you sign up if you are in the home or in the gym!

If you have a pretty decent home set up, then you may be able to modify the gym version of the workouts!

It is created to help women change their body composition, maximize their results, boost confidence, and have consistency in their workouts.

Each month you will receive a full workout plan to be utilized repeatedly over the 4 weeks.

The objective here is to "practice" these lifts to continue to increase your resistance used on the "larger lifts" to increase general strength.

You will have a table to fill out each week to monitor these lifts that I am referring to.

Each month the training will progressively increase and become more challenging.

Cardio will be indicated and listed as "Build" or "Burn" - if your goal is to build - then you would choose this section of cardio vs the burn and vis versa.

Training frequency - There will be four set days of training for all plans with an additional fifth optional FULL BODY training day for clients that want MORE. Feel free to complete these training days ANY day during the week that best fits your schedule. Do not repeat these within a seven day period. Complete them once a week. Day five on plans 1-2 will be suggested for clients more familiar with barbell work.  The barbell work will increase in frequency throughout the plan for clients utilizing the four training days so then all clients will be doing barbell work.  

Customized Workout Plan

The workout plan is based upon client's fitness level, goals, schedule, and environment (gym vs home).

This plan utilizes one set workout split over the course of the 4 weeks. It's used to promote increased strength and consistency on the exercises listed.

You will be encouraged to increase resistance and challenge yourself each week. If you subscribe or reorder, the next set of training will progress.

This plan is optimal for someone who already has a nutrition plan, currently is using intuitive eating, or does not want to partake in any nutritional plan.

This plan is also optimal for clients with injury, is currently pregnant, or post-partum since it is customized. 

This plan is to be utilized for 4 weeks and does not offer coaching at this price point. You may re-order after 4 weeks of use AND/OR when you plateau after 4 weeks of use.

A questionaire and waiver will be sent with the receipt. Use the Signeasy app to sign the waiver.

Monthly Workout Subscription

$ 29.95

per month

  • 4-5 days Lifting Frequency with Cardio Options
  • Automatic Withdrawal payment every 4 Weeks
  • Does not include customized modifications, check-ins, Nutrition, or an App

Customized Workout Plan

$ 75.00

one time payment

  • Includes a plan to be utilized for 4 weeks
  • Customized to you, your goals, and workout environment
  • Does not include
    check-ins, Nutrition, or an App

Instant Downloads

$ 25-30.00

per download

  • Home and Gym Options
  • Non-customized
  • Varies in lengths (3-6 weeks) 

Add Nutrition to your workouts!

No Risk

Unsubscribe to the monthly workout program here: