B Nutritious Program

A program focused on nutrition only

The B Nutritious program is optimal for:

Someone who has a set workout program already
Health goals
Losing weight
Losing body fat
Building metabolism
Pre and Postnatal
Transition to mindful eating
Changing daily habits
Improving mental well-being

Customized to you and your goals:

A 6 week program with a weekly check-in via e-mail using a questionnaire.

Nutritional guidelines are provided to client based on BMI, BMR, age, activity level, prior habits, and client goals.

Nutrition guideline options:

- Macronutrient calculations with specific fat, carb, protein intake adjusted as needed to reach goals

- Calorie guidelines with suggested intake of veggies, fruit, fiber, protein

- Calorie guidelines only

- Food journaling, mindful eating techniques with general guidelines

The B Nutritious program includes a chat application access for community chats and access to me for questions.

A questionnaire and waiver will be sent with the receipt. Use the SignEasy app to sign the waiver. 

One time calculations

Nutritional guidelines are provided to client based on BMI, BMR, age, activity level, prior habits, and client goals.

Calculation options are:
- Tracking fats, carbohydrates, and protein (includes calories automatically)
- Tracking calories with a focus on protein
- Tracking just calories

You may input these numbers in your favorite tracking app. This ONLY includes calculations.

One to one guidance, meal options, and training is not included.

* Disclaimer: there are free calculators online that give macro calculations but accuracy may be fair depending on input. A questionaire will be sent with the receipt.

Click Here For The Client Interest Form 
If any issues with the above download - use the link here for the automated version. 

Due to limited availability - all 1:1 coaching plans require an application/client interest form filled in PRIOR TO ORDERING BELOW!

Please e-mail the form to bshaefit@gmail.com for Brittni and justin.mastropietro@gmail.com for Justin.

This assures two things: availability and a proper fit with this plan! 

One Time Calculation

$ 40

One time payment

  • One calculation included
  • Does not include coaching
  • Does not include a meal plan

6 Week Program

$ 140

every 6 weeks

  • Customized nutrition approach for your goals
  • Includes 6 weekly check-ins on a designated day Monday-Friday
  • Does not include a meal plan

Recipe Books

52 High protein recipes
40 Low carbohydrate recipes 

Detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every recipe - including a scan code for MyFitnessPal

Includes ingredient lists and detailed step-by-step cooking instructions

Contains a weekly shopping list helps you shop for your healthy recipe ingredients

Includes a weekly meal planner so that you can efficiently and effectively follow the recipes.

Recipe Book

$ 30.00
  • Instant Download

High Protein Recipe Book

$ 30.00
  • Instant Download

Add the Monthly Workout Subscription!

- 4-5 days Lifting Frequency with Cardio Options
- Automatic Withdrawal payment every 4 Weeks
Does not include customized modifications, check-ins, Nutrition, or an App