About Your Coaches

Brittni Shae Mastropietro

Female Coach

I have a passion for helping women reach their health & wellness goals with a holistic approach (mind, body, and soul).

Justin Mastropietro

Male Coach

My mission in life is to help others obtain their vision of an extraordinary life. I believe in hard work, fitness, massive goals, education, and persistence. 

About Justin

Justin began his fitness journey in 2012.

Justin was sick of the life he was living. He felt like he was in the passenger seat of his own life.

About Brittni

Brittni began her fitness journey in 2010.

She had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Her goal was for a healthy lifestyle.

Competition History

Brittni began competing in 2012 and ended her fitness career in 2017. She competed in 4 amateur competitions and 4 professional competitions. She placed 7th at her final professional show in 2017 after coaching herself to the stage.

Justin began competing in 2014. He competed in in 5 amateur competitions. He completed his competitions in 2017 at the national level as a light heavyweight bodybuilder.

Justin dives into everything he does. Recently, he has enjoyed challenging himself with running and improving his endurance. He has participated in 5k-10k races, a strongman competition in NY, and he likes to challenge his body with heavy compound lifts. His best squat is 635lb, his bench is 435lb, and deadlift is 600lb.

Justin believes wholeheartedly in 2 main principles; form and intensity. His passion for helping people translates through the intensity he puts in the training and fully expects you to bring the intensity in your workouts. He believes in providing your system with adequate protein and high quality fuel to propel you toward your extraordinary goals.

Brittni enjoys keeping a balance of resistance training, cardio/endurance, and flexibility. She regularly lifts, runs, and does yoga. She has ran several 5k races and placed in all races. She spends 3 hours a week doing yoga. She is not a novice to heavy lifting, as she used to powerlift competitively. Her best lifts are Squat 205lb, Bench 125lb, and deadlift 265lb.

Brittni also likes to focus on internal health by focusing on nutrition for hormonal balance, blood sugar control, cardiac health, and energy balance. Brittni also believes that stress management and rest are a huge part of a healthy lifestyle and results.