1 hour Virtual
Coaching Sessions
100.00 USD per 1 hour

Looking for a more in-depth experience, one-to-one in person "simulation" via Video chat?

- Discuss your history in regards to health, lifestyle, and prior techniques.
- Review and modify your goals and plan for BOTH nutrition and exercise.
- Review and improve your bio-feedback (sleep, recovery, stress, digestion, etc)!
- Create a plan together (this will require you to do some brain-storming with me) to improve the above through discussion. 

This does not include:
- A written workout plan

However, we will discuss nutrition and exercise in regards to habits, suggestions in calories/macronutrients, frequency of resistance training and cardio, etc. 

You will want to have a pen and paper handy!

To begin with session 1, please submit your payment below. I will send you an introduction form and we will schedule your appointment!

(This option is available for several sessions)

E-Mail: BShaeFit@gmail.com